Sunday, December 23, 2007

The year in summary

Here's a compilation video of Lucy playing agility and flyball as well as doing some skijoring, in 2007. She's been so much fun to play and learn with and I look forward to further developing our skills together in 2008.

Monday, December 17, 2007

More weave entry practice

Eeeps! I'm pretty excited -- she's now doing 90 degree entries to the left. She's 100% if I'm standing at the end of the 3-weaves but needs more practice with me at other stations.

Here's an ultra-short video to celebrate this success. Of course there are a million things we need to do to proof this, but that will come... there's only so much space in the living room. :-)

Note the feline at the top of the cat tree in the second clip. I can't tell if he's preparing an ambush or simply being thoughtful enough to provide some distraction training.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home practice: weave entries

Have been working her off side entries, or wrap side entries, whatever it's called, when they approach from the left and have to wrap around the first pole, at home every once in a while but not very religiously. Being all snowed in at home today I felt like bringing the weaves out again (only using 3 poles). Well, she is really getting it now. She's getting the correct entry with her at about 8 o'clock (assuming the poles are at noon) while I stand at various places. It's exciting to see her progress and she has fun too. With her terrific enthusiasm for treats she would make a great trick dog if only I was more inspired. Speaking of inspiration, check out for some very neat stuff.