Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucy's long lost cousin?

Lucy spent the weekend hanging out at the trial with Walter. I finally got around to taking a photo of Lucy and her look-alike, who has her Bronze and Silver and is working towards her Gold!

For some reason Blogger doesn't want to show the photo any bigger than this, but clicking it brings up a larger image.

Both dogs were rescues from local humane societies, and both are hounds through and through, though her look-alike is a few years older. She's one of my favourite vet dogs to watch, especially when she's feeling especially spry like she was yesterday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Practice at Red Gate

Had the day off so took the dogs to Red Gate. Set up the video camera just for fun and I'm glad I did; it's nice to watch it back and see happy agility Lucy again. Didn't really work on any particular skills and didn't do the frame at all except for a couple of times when she went out of her way to take it without being asked.

Note to self: Throw reward more often so she's not so handler-focused!

Boy could Lucy ever benefit from a jumping program!

The camera battery died so I couldn't film Lucy and Walter's playtime at the end chasing each other round and round. It was so much fun; they went zooming through tunnels and over jumps while taking turns chasing each other, all the while Walter carrying his flying squirrel. That was the best part of the practice.

Anyway, here's a little video from today, just because. :-)