Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lucy's long lost cousin?

Lucy spent the weekend hanging out at the trial with Walter. I finally got around to taking a photo of Lucy and her look-alike, who has her Bronze and Silver and is working towards her Gold!

For some reason Blogger doesn't want to show the photo any bigger than this, but clicking it brings up a larger image.

Both dogs were rescues from local humane societies, and both are hounds through and through, though her look-alike is a few years older. She's one of my favourite vet dogs to watch, especially when she's feeling especially spry like she was yesterday.


Anika said...

woahh! That's so weird, they're like twins!! IS lucy the one on the right?

andrea said...

I LOVE Tippy Toes- in fact she is why I noticed Lucy :)

her handler is amazing too - too cute to see them side by side ;)
(and glad you had fun with Lucy at agility too)

Elf said...

Wow, great find! And the twin can be an inspiration for Lucy to get those titles, too!

I once encountered my old dog Remington's double while we were out on a walk. There were a lot of dogs that looked similar, but this one could have been a twin. And there was another dog briefly doing agility who looked so much like Jake (but much fatter). But I never thought to get a photo in either case. Oh, well, good for you for doing so.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Kinda nifty eh! Yep, Lucy's the one on the right.

I love Tippy too - she and her handler are such a lovely team.

Watching Tippy run is almost like running Lucy vicariously for me, especially during her break from trialing. It's great!

Champion of My Heart said...

Lilly has a double named Lucy. It's crazy how it happens.