Saturday, January 5, 2008

Morning Star trial

Well, the good news is -- no, the GREAT news is that Lucy had no teeter or dogwalk hesitancy at all. Woo hoo!!! And, she was 100% on all weaves. In fact she loved the weaves so much today that she earned an offcourse in one of her Standard runs by going and doing them instead of the nearby correct tire.

Starters Standard #1: Late cue and/or a momentary distraction resulted in her running past a jump. Also, she scored an offcourse at the weaves.

Starters Standard #2: Got another refusal somewhere but the rest was fine.

Steeplechase: This was her first time ever in the other ring of this venue, so I predicted she might be a bit scatterbrained. Darn, I should have predicted she would be brilliant, because my prediction came true. The first half of the course she kept getting distracted (but not in a sniffy way) and took several offcourses. But she pulled it all together for the second half which she ran clean including a difficult weave entrance.

Regardless of the NQs she reminded me how fun she is to run. Clean or not clean, brilliant or not so brilliant, sometimes she just makes me laugh. :-)

Classes entered: 3 (Starters Standard 1 and 2, Steeplechase)
Qs: 0


Elayne said...

Lucy sounds like she's really coming along. Those individual victories on course feel so sweet, don't they?

LucyandWalter said...

They sure do. :-)

roxanne said...

All hail Lucy's happy run.

I'd just about sell my soul for something like that --- Q or NQ.

LucyandWalter said...

Hi Roxanne, do you know I'd say the same thing about being able to go for a nice long walk with Lucy off leash. Unfortunately her hound nose would take her across eight-lane highways or airplane landing strips, so she's really limited in terms of when and where she can be offleash. It sucks. So, I'm envious of you and Lilly in that respect. Sigh...