Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lesson and Lucy's European heritage

Lucy's start line stay is starting to deteriorate! Oh my she broke a million and one times tonight. That'll teach me for taking it for granted.

In other news, Lucy's true heritage has finally been discovered! I was looking through the hounds on wikipedia and came upon some photos of Polish Hounds, which I had never heard of before. Check out these two photos of Polish Hounds, also known as Ogar Polskis:

And here's Lucy (this photo is kind of washed out):

If the breed wasn't on the rare side, I'd almost think she was of Polish Hound heritage. The markings seem spot on. But, her ears don't have the rounded beagly look, her muzzle is too fine, her tail too fluffy, at 46 pounds she's on the lightly built side for this heavier set breed which is supposed to be 50 pounds and up, and I'm sure a million other differences that my uneducated eyes don't see. Ok, who am I kidding, just about any hound/shepherd mix could pass for the same thing. I guess Lucy's just a mutt after all ;^D


Elf said...

It's always fun to speculate. I'm waiting for more breeds to be added to the genetic testing databases and then I might try sending in a cheek swab from Tika and see what they come up with.

I'll bet that Polish Hounds won't be validated on the American genetic tests for a lonnnnnnnnnggggg time! ;-)

(BTW, I worked on a little bit of a very early version of that wikipedia article. But then--I worked on almost all the dog breed articles at one time or another. So many breeds, so little time!)


LucyandWalter said...

Did you? Wow, that's kind of neat. I'd never so much as heard of the breed before.

Genetic testing to determine a dog's breed, will wonders never cease! That's also very neat.

Maybe Lucy has some bloodhound in her, although again the only similarity appearance-wise is the markings.

Whatever she is, she's got a whole lot of scenthound, just without the big floppy ears... Come to think of it, she might just come close to meeting the breed standard for Squirrelhund? (got that from Jake's page of course.) ;-)