Sunday, October 5, 2008


A great, fun practice with Lucy. Just short jump/tunnel sequences with lots of reinforcement. Was great to see her so happy and into the game again. I'm glad she's not entered in any more trials this year and am in no rush to get back to trials. Maybe next fall but we'll see, no deadlines, no expectations, just want to see the super-happy and confident agility Lucy again.


andrea said...

glad you had great practise

be interesting to see if you miss it as much as I am right now ;)

Brody is happy just to be doing whatever .. but I find myself feeling quite empty somedays

hoping 2009 is more like 2007 in terms of agility time and money than 2008 for me and my gang

enjoy your break tho :)

LucyandWalter said...

I'm sure I'd be a lot more bummed about it if I didn't have Walter to run in the meantime. Funny how it worked out that Lucy prefers flyball and Walter prefers agility; works for me as I get to play both games and save a bit of money by not playing both games with both dogs.

It's been a quiet year for you on the agility front eh... time and money, yeah I hear you.

andrea said...

having a dog loving each sport is just about amazingly perfect


thanks for your kind words about Dumont - and I'm sorry you are going through something similar - there really are times I wonder why I keep doing it to myself - as we foster we have lost way too many dear friends over the years - I'll think good thoughts for your fellow - Dumont will look out for him too when his time comes ;)

I miss agility very much and I'll get back to it - what I need most of all is to make more time ...
not quite sure how I can do that

once my field is set up we can have a big agility party in Prince Edward County (we have some nice camping areas on the land too) and I can get some of my fix that way!

off to read your flyball blogs I haven't checked them lately ;)