Friday, January 16, 2009

Running frame DVD

During Lucy's a-frame hiatus I've flip flopped a lot in my thoughts about what to do with her frame.

One option would be to drop her to specials where she'd have a lower frame, in which case maybe I would go back to 2o2o since she loves knowing exactly what her job is, and 2o2o really fits that bill. But, she never really seemed comfortable performing 2o2o so maybe that's not the best option.

Briefly experimented last spring with a hoop and running frame but realized it would take hundreds of reps and would she really understand what the criteria is when the hoop is removed?

Rachel Sander's article last spring Clean Run describing her a-frame box method looked interesting. I made a box and started a bit of flatwork with Lucy last summer but had some problems even at the beginning stage so we didn't make much progress. Then her DVD came out and after thinking about it, finally decided what the heck, why not get it and learn more about the method. So, I finally got around to ordering it and got it this week.

Watched it through once the other day and really like the program. Will watch it more closely again when we start to work through it. One drawback to this method is there is a prop which will need to be faded, BUT there is the benefit of having what seems to be a clearly understandable criteria, without the need for hundreds of repetitions which some running contact methods seem to require. There's definitely no room for an a-frame in my house or yard and we can't get to the practice field every day, so anything needing lots of reps isn't an option. Compared to 2o2o, which also has the benefit of not requiring a lot of reps, I can see Lucy digging the box method a lot more than 2o2o. So, I've pretty much decided to go with this option for her frame re-train.

It will be a lot of work, but hopefully I can get in gear this year and give it a go!


Nat said...

Have you ever seen Josie's vids on YouTube about her re-trained running contacts, trained with Rachel's method? There's lots, all on her handler Emily's channel. You should definitely check them out, they're definitely worth watching. I don't think she has any vids on the box training with the box on the ground, but she does show a lot of A-frame work.

It'll take me a long time to train Wall-e's running contact, because the method I'm using (Silvia's) needs so many reps. The progress is usually pretty slow. So it seems like you're making a good choice going with the box method! I've been thinking about using it for Wall-e's A-frame if he doesn't connect his plank running contact training with the A-frame. Who knows....


LucyandWalter said...

You read my mind! Just finishing up a post listing a few a-frame box links and Josie's is definitely in there too. It's interesting that Josie doesn't seem to do the two-hit pounce thing, but her own style seems to be working anyway.

If you ever decide to try the box for Wall-e's frame, you're welcome to borrow my copy of the DVD if you don't have it. (Or if you'd just like to watch the DVD before deciding, to get more of a feel for the method.) Good luck with his training - he looks like a really fun little guy :-)

Nat said...

Didn't see that you replied to my comment, oops!

Wow, I'd love to borrow your DVD. You can borrow my Success With One Jump DVD if you like. (Lots of great tips of handling in there, it's helped me loads!)

Wall-e is a really fun little guy! I'm lucky to have him.


Muttsandaklutz said...

I'll bring it for you to one of our upcoming RG practices. Thanks for the offer to swap DVDs! Would definitely take you up on it but I have the Success With One Jump DVD too :-)