Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dream Fields trial - Day 2

Today was Lucy's first time at Dream Fields on Masters day!

Although she was there the whole day for only one run, I think/hope it's good for her to spend time there just getting more used to the place.

So anyway, her one run was Jumpers which was the third event of the day. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how it went. A great start, including a part where she had to turn 180 away from the direction of the exit gate. That was a great success. A bit later, I did a bad job of cueing a tunnel, but she came right back which is another success. But then a weird part where she crossed behind me and then went to check out both exit gates. Great timing on the part of the gate wrangler in closing the gate! But, she did finally come back, so that's good. Pressed the reset button and finished with the last line. Nice that there were no contacts to blow which probably accounts for why I liked this run a lot more than yesterday's.

Q or no Q, it sure is fun running her when she's in a good mood. Love how she dives into AND out of that tunnel at the back! Walter felt so slow when I ran him right after. But, he's my good boy, always wants to do the right thing. Love running them both when they're feeling good.

Here's the video, Lucy followed by Walter:


Elf said...

Wow, she's flying! And so are you, getting those front crosses in when the dog's moving so fast. Good job.

Muttsandaklutz said...

That front cross at the back tunnel was tough for sure. Right at that moment I had a brief moment of panic realizing I wasn't ahead of her coming out of the tunnel, but suddenly realized she'd be fine for the straight line that followed since when she's in fast mode she has good natural impulsion to just keep going so I could count on her to just take those jumps. That was a nice feeling. Walter just doesn't have that kind of impulsion.