Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It must be summer

What should stare me straight in the face today as I walked into the mega-grocery store but boxes and boxes of pool noodles. Having more or less decided to use a pool noodle hoop (and/or pool noodle stride regulators... not sure yet) in the retraining of the dogs' a-frames, I was happy to pick one up. It fits perfectly onto my weave base: just slip it on and it stays put, at least in my non-windy living room.

Tried it first with Walter (on the flat of course), free shaping and he quickly figured out that running under it gets a click and treat. Then I tried it with Lucy but she kept offering to bite it or paw at it so rather than risk her destroying our brand new $1.99 pool noodle I went to the luring method.

Got some strange looks and a witty remark from the bus operator on the way home. Unfortunately we still have at least two feet of snow on the ground so despite what the mega-grocery store says, it's not quite summer yet.


Johann The Dog said...

Pool noodles, now that's something I wouldn't have thought of!

Hope you have a great weekend and have fun with the pups! Woofs, Johann

LucyandWalter said...

Neither would I! I take no credit for it, having read about their use here and there on the web and seen them at a couple of local training facilities.

Great weekend to you too. We're finally having spring weather here, hurray!