Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogz fun match

Lucy's first fun match at this great venue since last spring because last year most of the dates coincided with K9 Kup.

There were a few attention lapses and sniffy moments, one of which was rewarded by her finding a treat on the ground - d'oh! Her sniffy moments felt like ages at the time but actually they were pretty short. Ah, the benefit of video. Thanks again L.L.!

An unfortunate moment in her second Standard run of the day where she stung her toes on the second jump which was right before the a-frame. By the time I heard her crying, she was already on the frame. She was fine after a few seconds, but sheesh, this is not exactly the kind of thing we need given the a-frame issues we've been working through. Oh well, not the end of the world.

She had no weaves to speak of today. She kept flying past the first six poles. This is something Walter sometimes does, but out of character for Lucy. When I switched to offside she did a lot better but popped. Actually come to think of it, she hasn't practiced weaves lately since the ones at our practice field are all wonky.


Elf said...

Oh, don't you hate it when the undesirable sniffing behavior gets a random reward? On the other hand, if there's stuff there-- Tika, who is NOT prone to sniffing except at the start line, and who usually blasts through the course, once abruptly veered about 20 feet off her path (during a grand prix run, I think), sniff sniff sniff, found a treat, then continued at full speed. Dang dog noses. Might have been an off course in there.

Elf said...

Wow--that's weird--this sounded kind of familiar when I read it, but it just showed up in my reader thingie as unread, so I commented now. Huh. Well, on to more current entries!

Muttsandaklutz said...

Amen, sista!

That was totally what Lucy looked like. "Jump? ok. Jump? sure. Jump? oh now wait a minute! [sniff sniff sniff] Hey look what I found! Cool! [unch munch munch] Jump? okie dokie..."

Re your second comment: Granted, an entry about Lucy sniffing at an event is not a particularly uncommon occurrence on this blog, but the reason for your possible deja-vu may be because I only posted this entry yesterday though I had started writing it in May.