Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today at All Dogs Lucy ran in her first trial in nine months. Just one run, Advanced Jumpers. No contacts or weaves to worry about. She had been doing well in practices so I decided to give it a go, especially since this class was the first of the day so it wouldn't be too hot. She ran in specials for the first time -- she seems happier with the lower jumps and at 6 years old she's almost a vet anyway.

I just watched video of her last trial run which was in this very same ring last September (K9 Kup): there were four separate instances of her running distractedly past obvious obstacles, plus she sniffed at the fence. Well, I am VERY pleased to report that there was none of that today!

Her run was the highlight of my day :D


Elayne said...

Hooray for Lucy! She looks great. Lola does that same sort of stress sniffing at the startline sometimes but usually once she gets running she's fine.

Nat said...

Big congrats again!!! What a huge improvement! :D


Elf said...

Big W00t indeed! Having a happy dog on course is an accomplishment to be proud of. Well done.

andrea said...

WOOT indeed

Muttsandaklutz said...

Thanks, all! Walter's been such an issue-free agility dog - with Lucy I no longer take anything for granted and enjoy the successes that much more.